Our Services


We offer services that are tailor-made to suit your needs

We offer unique tailor-made services that effectively enhances your event stories and bring them to life. We totally understand that every client is different and have a unique story to tell through their event and so we have created these services with your uniqueness in mind.

Our executive services are provided exclusively and can fit seamlessly into your already existing event plans and so whatever stage you are within the event planning process, our event consultants are always there to offer these professional services to further enhance your event outcome.

Events Consultation

We know that you want your event to stand out from other and so we offer this service to provide you with details or current event trends, suggesting themes that work well with your event concept and together drafting out a storyboard that works well with what you envisage

Vendor Sourcing

Our Service includes providing our clients with vendors such as Photographers, Videographers, Makeup Artists, Decorators, DJ, Emcees, Caterers, Drinks Providers, Event Rentals and so on. Whatever your needs are, be it a celebrity vendor or ones that can work with your budget, we provide these services and efficiently manage them to deliver the best results

Surprise Events

Planning a surprise event for someone special? Be it a surprise proposal, valentine, birthday, showers or any other special occasion, our story secret agents are on ground to execute your plans, just talk to us and together we would work to make your dreams a reality.

Events Coordination

From RSVP and attendee management, vendor management and events activity coordination to floor plan and seating arrangement, we offer all these within the service, providing you with the right ushers and coordinators that can effectively bring order to your event.

Event Websites & Apps

We design unique websites and apps that tells your event stories in the most beautiful and unique ways. From telling your stories, to attendee registration and RSVP, gift registry and linkage to your favorite social media sites. See an example of website we’ve built. www.toniaandmartins.com

Corporate Event

Our corporate event services are designed with your business in mind. We offer unique services that enhances your brand and tailor them to reach the right audiences, from experiential events to public relations and corporate event websites, live steaming and corporate event strategies, our professional team are on ground to execute your event project.

Events Decoration and Venue Styling

Our in house event decorators and venue stylist know how to add the wow factor to your event venue. We take your idea and we turn it into something real. Something you can see, feel and touch. We love creating beautiful stories out of our decorations

Events Training

We train and mentor our students in a very conducive environment where practicality and live training are added to the class room teaching. All our students have an opportunity to go on internship and enjoy free business startup classes. We train in events management, events decoration and culinary arts (drinks, desserts, canapes, continental and Nigerian dishes)

Events Creation and Experiential Events

Let your brand speak out loud and tell its story in the most captivating way by its association with its very own target audience through events. We totally know that consumer engagement increase by brand association through experiential marketing and so we create events that help bring out your brand.