Preparing for your Nigerian Wedding

After you’ve popped the question or you’ve said yes!!!
The next step would be first to take a deep breathe and come back down to earth because there would be so many thoughts running through your head.

Oh my God, I’ll soon be married, my dream dress, my grand reception, my dream home and so many other things. If you become nervous, it is really normal because you really aren’t sure of what to expect next. It could become so awkward to start talking things with your fiance like you are sure you’ll be married soon.

But you’ll need to chill a bit and take some necessary steps to get a smooth sail through your wedding planning period. From when the yes was said…to your big day!!!

Firstly, define your dream wedding:
Size: Do you want a big wedding, a moderate sized wedding or a small intimate wedding?

Type of Wedding: Would you want a church ceremony or an outdoor ceremony, a trad ceremony, trad and white on same day or separate days etc.

Location: Would you prefer a destination wedding or a Nigerian wedding and what type of venue would you like to us?
A tent, marquee, hall, outdoor, garden, beach, cruise, hotel, your home or where?

Date: What time of the year would be best for you. Put into consideration holiday periods for destination weddings or weddings outside your present location, also consider weather and seasons – dry seasons are most ideal for outdoor events for instance. Consider family needs and availability.

Theme and concept for your wedding: Your favorite colors, games, movies, hobbies, flowers, holiday destinations, music, book, celebrity etc. You can design a theme that revolves around any of your favorites.

Who must be in attendance: These are compulsory attendees. Doing this would help you cut down on unnecessary guest size that tends to put a weigh on your budget.

Budget: How much do you and your fiance have for the wedding? Do you have supports coming from other people like friends and family? How much would you like to spend for the wedding? Remember that you’ll need to set aside some money for starting out your new life. Its advisable to have this funds set aside in a separate account and if possible open a new account for your wedding budget and expenses. This would allow you keep track on things and put you in check to know when you are over spending. The good thing is that your wedding account can turn out to be your joint savings account after the ceremony if you like. I will talk more on wedding budget and the next steps in my next post.

Hire a wedding planner at the start of your planning period. They provide the right expertise you’ll need to help you save on your budget, get organized, stay calm, prioritize and secure amazingly mind blowing wedding deals. You would not believe this!!!

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