Nigerian Wedding Trends 2018

Are you getting married in 2018? We thought you should know about the latest trends in the wedding industry for 2018. You can draw an idea or two from these.
Event service providers keep stepping up their games and bringing innovation and technology together to deliver more creative and stunning effects.

2018 trends for Food

Food Toppers!
Customized food toppers for everything called food – from grills, chops, cakes, drinks name it!

Artistic Culinary Skills on Plate!
Caterers not only show their creativity in the taste of the food and designs of their table settings, but also in the arrangements of the food. From cocktails to small chops, grills and even jollof rice.

New Food on the Menu
We now dig deeper into our roots to incorporate local delicacies to our menu even for white weddings – you can be served your favorite palm wine, cold water ijebu garri and even boli. Our culinary experts now create a fusion between continental dishes – not only of Chinese origin where guests are served on hot plates but now on menus you see more Italian dishes taking center stage – Tortellini and Raviolis!!!

2018 Trends for Prints & Props

Matching Invitation Suite
Wedding invitations now comes in a suite that comprises of matching invitation cards, table numbers, menu cards and toppers. We need to make a statement so we brand everything!

Customized Photo props
Social media props, hand-held photo props with inscriptions that shows what you’re thinking at the point is still in the trend this 2018

2018 Trends for Decor

More Architectural Designs
Stage and backdrops wedding designers in Nigeria have began taking a more architectural approach towards creating more sophisticated designs. We hope to see more of these in the coming years.

Floral Designs
Floral designs are still in the trend this 2018. From floral walls on stages, backdrops, as table runners and matching floral walls with bridal bouquets.

Themed Designs
Event designers have their A-game on with bringing themes to life now more that ever. More theme creations this 2018

2018 Trends for Cakes

Gigantic cakes
We find cake designers stepping up their game with delivering out of this world gigantic cakes, designed to perfection

Creative Hand Painted Cakes
Hand Painted cakes are trends picking up in 2018 with some talented cake designers showing us their artistic painted designs

Picture cakes
A picture can say a thousand words. Picture cakes are perfect if you’ll like to make a statement with your cake.

2018 Trends for Hair

Natural Hair Looks
More and more naturalistas coming up and now more natural hair stylist giving us their vibes.

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