Nigerian Wedding Budget Allocation – How to effectively manage your wedding budget

After you are sure of the cash available for your wedding, the next thing you’ll need to do is to PRIORITIZE.

Setting your wedding priorities according to your needs, wants and desires.
We normally would say you should dream about your wedding – sounds like a weird advise but its a good one and I’ll tell you why.
Most times when you get dreamy about your wedding, you’ll tend to see the big picture and in that picture, you’ll easily know whats most important to you.

If you dream about a fairy tale grand reception with massive cake and luxury decor and you don’t see your souvenirs or wedding dress or shoes in that dream then you know that you have more desire and priority on getting luxury decor and cake that for a luxury dress.

You get it now? so go ahead and get dreaming!!!

…now you are done. Write down in a scale of preference which is most important and less important to you. Consider:
Catering: Food, Drinks, Cocktail, Small Chops, Cake.
Gifts: Souvenirs, Favours, Brides maids gifts
Outfits: Wedding dress, suits, bridal party outfit, shoes, accessories, rings, ties, shirts, bouquets…
Entertainment: DJ, MC, Live Band, Alaga etc
Photo and Video
Protocol: Security, Bouncers, Ushers, Waiters
Venue: Rentals, Furniture, Tent, Hall etc
Showers – Bridal showers, bachelors party
Bridal Spa: Hair, Make-up, Nails, Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Body Scrub etc
Transportation: Luxury cars, vans, buses
Accommodation: Guest accommodation, wedding night accommodation, vendor accommodation.

The list could go on and on depending on your needs.

…Now, which is the most important and the least important. Arrange all these on a scale of preference. After you have done so, give it a percentage of your budget. Remember, the most important items should have a higher percentage on your budget. See an example in the picture.

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