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Why should I hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding?

When hosting a destination wedding, we highly recommend that you hire wedding planners, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, wedding planners gain knowledge when it comes to their local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know best whom to choose, to ensure that you only receive the best service at the best price.

What is the cost of planning a wedding in Nigeria?

The average cost of planning a wedding in Nigeria varies according to the wedding planner and the packages available. Some planners charge a percentage on the total wedding budget while other charge a flat rate. It’s best to verify the list of services that would be rendered by the event planner at their stated price before making a decision to hire the planner.

I have hired all my vendors, do I still need a wedding planner?

If you have hired all the event service providers you’ll need for your wedding, you still require the help of the wedding planner to coordinate the event and to ensure that everything goes as planned. They discover loopholes and help manage risks. A wedding planner supervises the activities of the vendors, takes care of your guests and ensures that everything stays organised.

How can my wedding budget be managed in order to achieve my dream wedding?

No matter what your wedding budget may be, you can still have your wedding done. We speak on prioritizing your wedding needs and prior to planning, help you draft a budget allocation sheet so we know how much you should be spending on every single service as it related to your wedding. This way, you’ll know how feasible it is to have your wedding planned on your budget and you can be sure you’ll not over shoot your budget

Why should I hire a wedding planner and event coordinator?

A wedding planner’s job is to help you achieve your dream event without you stressing yourself. Considering that wedding planners have more experience, they have built long relationships with several professional vendors and can help you get the best service providers at minimal cost. They also foresee risk and loopholes and help you avoid hitches. They ensure that on your event day, everything stays organised. In order words, they help you save money, time, resources and energy.

What wedding planning services do you offer?

We offer several different services based on our client’s individual needs. We offer a 2-hour wedding consultation which is totally free of charge and wedding planning services and if you have successfully planned your entire event, we can help to coordinate things on your wedding day.

Kindly refer to our wedding planning package for more details.

I have my Nigerian Traditional and White Wedding on the same day, can you help coordinate both?

If you hire us to manage both events, we can help coordinate both events. We have a good number of event coordinators who would be on ground at different locations where the event would take place to help get things organised for you.

I need help starting out with my wedding plans. Do you charge an initial consultation?

We provide a 2-hour wedding consultation session that is totally free of charge in order to help you get started with your wedding plans. You can ask any questions you need an answer to, whether it pertains to your budget, themes and colors, venue selections and so on and we would also provide you professional guidance to get started on things.

You can book for a free consultation session here

How many events do you coordinate in a day?

We only coordinate one event per consultant per day. Your coordinator will have no other events to distract them from your event.

How much communication will we have?

Our full wedding package comes with an unlimited number of emails, telephone calls and chats. We would communicate with you only on times you specify to us and through only preferred means, be it emails, telephone calls or chat systems. You’ll be assigned a professional event planner who would always be available to attend to you as regards your needs and distance would not be a barrier to planning your event.

Will I have a wedding planner at my wedding/event?

Our team of wedding coordinators and your wedding planner will be at your wedding to ensure that every detail is put to action. On your wedding day, we will ensure that everything that has been planned over the past months, goes as planned.

Are wedding planners only for the rich and famous?

Absolutely not! Wedding planners are for everyone who do not have the right expertise or the time to organize things for their wedding. Wedding planning is affordable and serves several benefits and are highly recommended in order to avoid mistakes, save cost and leave you stress-free.

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