Choosing a reception venue could be on of the most tedious exercise in Events Planning, particularly because you have to literally visit the venue to inspect the condition prior to making payments.

Here are questions to ask during your venue inspection visit.

1) Consider the neatness and state of the environment and this includes the floor, walls, ceiling, changing room, toilet and overall eternal environment. It must be neat enough to allow a beautifully done decor emerge. Find out if they will clean up the venue for you.

2) Check the ventilation, consider fans for outdoor events in an open tent and airconditioners that are in good conditions for in door. Avoid venues with ceiling fans as much as possible

3) Do they provide basic facilities such as chairs, tables, stage platform, toilets, air conditioners, changing room, catering serving points also try to know any additional facilities they provide like cooling room, mood lights, speakers and so on. Inspect the chairs and tables. It’s ideal to go with standard banquet tables and armless chairs or chiavari chairs. These look better when decorated.

4) Know the venue capacity. Ask for the actual size of the venue and check with your vendors to be sure the venue would accommodation your expected guests comfortable – consider space for dance floor and movement.

5) Check the car park to be sure it is large  enough to accommodate your guests’ cars. Also find out if they provide traffic controllers to decongest any traffic.

6) Find out about safety and security. You want to be sure the venue is secured because some of your refreshments and souvenirs may arrive at the venue earlier. Also check that they have proper safety measures put in place in case of any unforeseen circumstances like fire alarms, extinguishers, first aid etc.

7) Ask about electricity and power supply. It is better to go with a venue that would run their generator through out the event rather than with one that would rely on both Nepa and generator. Also check that they have a back up power source in case the generator malfunctions.

It would be ideal to visit the venue when there’s an event taking place there to confirm things like guest capacity, electricity and airconditioners.

Once you are satisfied with a venue, don’t forget to negotiate the price of a venue before you finally make payments.

Feel free to ask questions on the comment box below or send me a private email on and I will be available to provide you with answers where possible.