The stress of planning a wedding combined with your normal daily activities can affect your looks and energy level on the wedding day. Here are 10 tips on how to look your best on your wedding day.

Eat healthy – Ditch junks, hydrate properly and detox.

At least a month to your wedding, if you have been eating junks please stop! Take more fruits and vegetables, less carbs especially fizzy drinks and drink more water. Vitamins and minerals from these healthy foods have a way of allowing you glow from inside out and water keeps your skin fresh and hydrated. Replace fizzy drinks with healthy teas like green teas and with fresh fruit juices that can work magic in your body by detoxification.


Don’t forget to work out weekly, at least a month to your wedding. It keeps your energy and fitness level up and you’ll have more stamina on the dance floor. It also helps get rid of unwanted waste in your body,your skin glows better with regular exercise.

Do a make -up and hair style trial

You’ll be able to choose the type of hair and make-up that suits you best. A trial make-up and hair styling would prevent unpleasant surprises on your wedding day and allow your artist and stylist get more familiar with your face structure, preferences and skin type.

Wear comfortable shoes

Nothing can be more wearying than an uncomfortable shoe on your wedding day. Check that your shoes are the right fit and practice walking around with it before your wedding day. You can also have a slippers or flat sandal handy just incase you need more comfort.

Try your dress on

A day or two to your wedding day, please try your dress on. Test the zippers and any other button or hook, you sure don’t want any disappointments with a failing zipper. Wear comfortable underwear to avoid discomfort.

Rest well

A week to your wedding at least, wedding plans and running around should be transferred to someone else. Take time out to rest, if possible take time off work and just relax. Have a good sleep on the night to your wedding. You’ll look well rested on your big day.

Give your self a spa treat.

Get on those body scrubs, polishing, steam and massage, facials, pedicure and manicure. It’s important for a brighter looking skin and to help relieve stress. You can do this with your partner or with your friends. It also helps to promote bonding and could be a good time to have a chat about the wedding day activities.

Eat well on the morning of your wedding.

You need as much energy as you can get, so fuel up! Activities of the day might prevent you from eating in between and you sure do not want to feel dizzy on your wedding day.

Stay positive and put on a smile

This is one of the best way to look your best. Keep a positive mind even if everything doesn’t seem to go the way you want it to, keep smiling and remain calm on your wedding day, you’ll love your pictures for that.

Finally, get a wedding coordinator

It just saves you all the stress. The wedding coordinator would ensure that all activities stay on course and goes as planned. From food, drinks and souvenirs getting to your guests on time  to dj playing the right songs, mc not mixing up names, vendors arriving on time, reserving seats for all your special guests and so on. Your wedding coordinators are like the super heros of the day!


With these tips, you can be sure to have yourself radiating from inside out and  looking your best on your wedding day.