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“Storypage Events is a top events management and wedding planning company in Nigeria”

We take pride in delivering highly organized, amazingly stunning corporate and social events such as weddings, birthdays, showers, burials, end of the year parties within Nigeria and other destinations – From Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu to the rest of the world…we don’t just plan weddings, we tell beautiful stories!!!

Social Events

We create, design and manage social events. Be it weddings, birthday celebrations, showers or any form of social events, we have the capacity to create beautiful stories out of it. Our social event services are always tailor made to fit what you envisage for your event. Our team of professional event creators and planners have got their A game on!

Corporate Events

We work with corporate clients from both indigenous and multinational companies, to create, plan and manage their corporate events; meeting the aim for which the event is planned. From experiential events to brand visibility and whether it is an internal corporate function, we have the right resources to handle it all.

Storypage Experience

Storypage experience allows you to easily try exciting activities. Whatever your passion is, you can express yourself, experience it and write beautiful stories through the storypage experience. We have become experts in creating event activities and offer our clients the opportunity to create their own storypage experience

What We Do

Events Consultation
Vendor Sourcing
Surprise Events
Events Coordination
Events Websites
Corporate Events

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